About Us

About Us

The organization was formed in May of 1999 as a non-profit 501 © entity for the purpose of helping those who were unable to adequately provide for their general welfare due to no fault of their own.

The organization are staffed completely with volunteers who perform their tasks without monetary renumeration. The seed funds for the organization were a gift donated by the founder. In 1999 the year the organization was formed, the founder was a full-time employee with the United States Department of Agriculture and could not spend much time in the execution of the organization’ mission.

Who We Are ?

However, in 2021 the founder retired from USDA and has now re-deliciated himself to the goal of executing the express mission of the organization. To accomplish the goals of the organization, the entity will need to attract  more volunteers and to fundraise more vigorously to reach the financial goal needed to implement the organizational plan.

The organization is a Christian based entity guided by the mandate founded in Psalm 41:1-3 which requires all to help the poor.


The organization over the years has partnership with the following organizations:

Love- A-Child Ministry

Samaritan’s Purse

Convoy of Hope